Now Offering: Adult Sex Education

Loosen your belt buckle and lose your inhibitions. You're about to enter the classroom for the sticky, steamy, saliva-slicked sex ed lesson your teenage-self used to dream about. (Teacher's uniform included.)

Bring me the questions you've been too afraid to ask, and we'll practice over and over until you get it juuust right. From orgasmic oral sex techniques, to squirting, anal penetration, toys, and every juicy lick, flick, and trick in between. Learn how to satiate a woman like never before. This is a hot, hands-on learning experience where no topics are off limits.

Women are beautiful, complex creatures, and each of our bodies are unique. I will teach you everything I know -- not just about my own body, but about the bodies of all the women I've made love to -- to make sure you're equiped with an arsenal of sexual skills that'll leave any woman soaked, regardless of her preferences.

Pricing -

30 minutes: $500

45 minutes: $700

1 hour: $900

90 minutes: $1,200

2 hours: $1,700

+ an additional $400 for those who wish to explore anal sex techniques.

Let's roll a condom down your banana and get started.


Note: These practices will be unleashed in digital format in future, for those who'd prefer to learn in the privacy of their homes. However, I do recommend in-person lessons for hands-on experience and real-time feedback, as you put the techniques into practice.

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