I'm Holly Hazel _

A high-calibre, highly erotic, whirlwind of a woman who drips at the thought of ___.

I am a multi award-winning, magazine published, internationally acclaimed sex worker. My career has swept me all over Australia, New Zealand, and a significant slice of Asia.

I'm here to revive every cell of your body; to fuck you back to life through the meridian of my mouth and the portal of my pussy.


Working with me is a deep penetration. Your mind will be blown just as hard as your cock. I'll stroke and suck the hidden potential out of you, leaving you pulsating with pleasure and pleading for more.

Hold on tight. We're about to get soaking wet.


For eight years, I have worked and played intimately with the body. I understand sexual expression not only as a sensation, but as an absolute necessity for an embodied existence.

By nature, we are orgasmic creatures. Living in a perpetual pleasure-state is our birthright.

In 2018, I started studying sexology as an extension of my psychology degree. I dreamed of helping and healing others, however, I discovered something that scared me...

Many professionals in the field are quick to pigeon-hold people as "disordered," "difficult," or "dysfunctional" when they are experiencing distress. However, I believe humans are far too multi-faceted and magical to be limited by labels. No matter what, I do not view anybody as wrong, or broken, or in need of fixing.

And so, despite investing countless hours and tens of thousands dollars in my education, I am choosing not practice as a psychologist. I have woven an entirely new modality purely from my intellect, introspection, and intuition. I marry academic expertise with everything I've learned within brothel bedrooms, sex club shower stalls, and dominatrix dungeons.


With this wisdom, I guide men and women to reunite with their sensual selves, and remind people of what it means to reconnect with pleasure. When somebody can move through life as the most expressed and authentic versions of themselves, only then can they reach the realms of their highest potential.


Blow Your Body, Blow Your Mind

Blow Your Body
(In Person)
Blow Your Mind (Online)

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